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Our Mission

Upper Darby Community Outreach Corporation (UDCOC) is a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to serving the residents of Eastern Delaware County and West Philadelphia.

We strive to provide programs and services that enhance education, increase healthcare access, improve life skills, and promote an understanding that embraces diversity and unifies neighborhoods.

After-School BLAST Program

An After School Program for 1st - 8th Graders ˜ it's different ˜ it's active ˜ it's fun ˜ it's too much ˜ it's a BLAST!

After School Program in Upper Darby PennsylvaniaAfter School Program in Upper Darby PennsylvaniaMonday - Friday 3 PM TO 6 PM

Not your typical after school program ~ We Offer What Others Do Not!

Homework Help, Club Activities, Daily Snacks, Service Projects, Game Time, Field Trips, Special Events, Study Skills and More ! More ! More !

Academic Enrichment aligned with Upper Darby School District Curriculum


After School Programs Make a Difference!

Sign Your Student Up Now!

Pay One Time Registration: $30.00

Make Payment to BLAST After School (Any Amount)


"I am a pre adopt mom wanting to let you know BLAST program.

I’m not sure where to start but I’ll try very hard to keep it brief. The blast program has absolutely been an integral part of my bonding with my foster/ pre adopt daughter. She has experienced trauma and rejection in her life. As a result, she does have some behavioral challenges. Not only is the Blast program easily affordable, but it provides counseling with an extremely knowledgeable teacher and loving staff. If I tell them that I have a behavior concern then they are willing to step up without judgment and have done so on each and every occasion. They have also supported me in trying to assimilate this traumatized child into my home.

The Blast program is second to none and is absolutely needed in our community. I sure know that I need it. In speaking of my life only. The blast program has actually changed a child’s life. I feel that the staff at Blast and the structure of the program along with the therapy that I am getting for this child has been a determining point in my decision to proceed with adoption. This program is excellent!"

New Computer Lab - Thanks to David Haddad

The staff and students at After School BLAST would like to thank DAVID HADDAD for his generous gift of newly renovated Lenovo laptops!

Thanks to this donation, the students at BLAST are now more easily able to add to their First In Math scores, access supplemental learning materials, find complete homework help and more.

We could not be happier to be able to offer more technology resources for our students to keep up with the ever technologically advancing world we live in.

Thank you, David! Your gift is well loved and will continue to be put to good use!

Blast kids attend 2017 MLK Unity Breakfast


After School BLAST Winter Break Camp!:

After School BLAST had a great first ever Winter Break Camp! Students came for a three day mini camp over the break from 9am-5pm. Activities included field trips to Pump it Up! and Chuck E Cheese, bowling, crafts, baking, computer time, physical activities and more! What a fun addition to our time off from school!




After School BLAST Dance Marathon:

Photos from The Nutcracker:



After School BLAST Pumpkin Patch:





After School BLAST plays nerf tag at Cheng's Martial Arts:




After School BLAST learns about making, saving & spending money
with the Bernstain Bears at the Franklin Mint Credit Union: