Upper Darby's First Ever Community Garden Opens

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

UDCOC Students have been involved in a very special project for the last several months.  They have helped to prep, paint, decorate, and plant Upper Darby’s first ever Community Garden!  The garden officially opened on August 7, 2018 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  The community gathered together with school officials, township leaders and the garden creators, Stacey and Sean, to celebrate this new addition.  Refreshments were served as well as a sampling of some of the vegetables actually produced in the garden.  It was a great event to open up a beautiful garden.

Stacey and Sean McNicholl of Greenhorn Gardens are the driving force behind the whole operation.  Together with Bonner/Prendie administration, UDCOC, and many other partners such as Executive Tree Care and Go Green!  Zip Line & Treetop Adventure, Stacey and Sean have brought a beautiful new addition to Upper Darby that provides so many benefits to our community.  The garden is a place for the community to come together to share art and fellowship.  It provides educational opportunities for students in the area.  It provides FOOD and resources that will be shared with local shelters and food pantries.  To quote Stacy in the Delco Times article about the garden:  “Most importantly, in my opinion, [the garden] is building a sense of community for Upper Darby.”   You can read the whole Delco Times Article HERE.

When the project started, students at the After School BLAST program got a chance to learn about gardens and the soil that it takes to grow different plants.  They helped to paint and decorate dirt huts that would produce worms to support the soil throughout the season.  As we transitioned to summer, the CATS program of 13 and 14 year old summer camp students got to work hands on with Stacy and Sean as they planted rows of plants and vegetables.  The CATS students helped all summer to continue to maintain the garden and get it ready for opening day.

UDCOC is proud to be a part of this project in our community and cannot wait to continue to learn and watch the garden grow as we begin another year of After School BLAST in the fall.   Check out our photos below and check out the website for the garden.  Stacey and Sean are still raising funds to keep expanding their project and bringing more beauty to the community around us.  You can be a part of the garden by helping out now! 

Community Garden Website: https://upperdarbycommunitygarden.com/

Donate to the Garden: https://www.gofundme.com/upper-darby-community-garden

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